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Confronting opression and transgression 2. Maulana says that defence is an obligation and then explains the conditions in the light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah for waging defensive war. Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers Author s: Uploaded by Hafiz Al jihad fil islam ul Hassan al jihad fil islam September 9, Buddhism and Christianity ,feel that sl is not correct to give freedom to human beings to plunder other fellow human beings;but this feeling takes them to the other al jihad fil islam point.

Lastly,Maulana discusses concept of war under Modern Civilization. After this Maulana writes that Holy Qur’an nowhere has induced its followers towards Jihad by saying that in return you will be granted ilsam and dominion of the world rather everywhere only prospects of acquiring the pleasure of Allah is mentioned, thus the purpose of Jihad is not the territorial expansion; on the contrary partake in Jihad is just to please Allah and only for the welfare of people and suppression of the oppression jiihad, mischief and tumult.

Motives of such wars were passion for booty,vainglory,revenge.

Al Jihad Fil Islam

Most essentially, Western Laws of War lack an ethical aspect. After this Maulana explains the status of Jihad in the structure of civilization and writes that the community which can’t safeguard truth and when juhad attacks it ,instead of annihilating it gets annihilated al jihad fil islam for such a community there is no honour in al jihad fil islam world ,and its life is worse than death.

Arabs used to silam part in wars over cattles,pastures,springs of water,horse-racing and other trivial matters. After discussing the views and teachings of the four main religions of the world Hinduism,Judaism,Buddhism and ChristianityMaulana concludes that as per Hinduism and Judaism waging war is lawful;but they have allowed it for selfish and self-motivated objectives and al jihad fil islam and they don’t distinguish between just and unjust war and give man right to oppress and excess on fellow human beings and on the other hand ,the other two religions,viz.

Abdul Karim Translator Introduction fip the book: Defense of oppressed Muslims.

Al Jihad Fil Islam by Syed Abul Aala Maududi | Faakhir Islamic & Education Books

Islam gave its own concept of war i. La outcome of this is that those people who follow this teaching fall into the deepest pit of regression, subjugation al jihad fil islam suppression. After discussing nature of Western jihsd of war,their rules and regulations,Maulana concludes that” International Law of war” put forth by West as a law of war is actually not a “law ” at all.

The ways and means adopted by Arabs in such wars were extremely savage e.

Al-Jihad fil-Islam:

After publishing numbers,he stopped its publication ;after completing the entire series Maulana Maududi presented it in the form of a book.

He says that Islam does not only regard human life inviolable as the all political statutes of the world promulgate but Islam also creates a real reverence ap appreciation for human life in the hearts and minds of poeple so that when there is al jihad fil islam fear of Criminal Laws peolple al jihad fil islam desist from the unlawful killing.

Ocr language not currently OCRable. Further,the Western Laws of Jjhad are unstable and untrustworthy as ther are in perpetual conflict with the exegencies of war, and these exigencies are always engaged in overpowering them.

Al-Jihad Fil-Islam abul a la maududi ebooks by Abul A’la Maududi | Rekhta

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! There is such a complete and fullproof code of lawwith regard to war in Islam that a match of which cannot be found in any other religion or civilization.

Al-Jihad fil-Islam is a well-researched book jibad al jihad fil islam been acclaimed by both the adherents as well as opponents of Maulana Maududi.

Thus, Maulana Maududi in order to refute such misconceptions against Islam started to write serially about Jihad in Islam in the columns of the newspaper,Al-Jamee’at. Between these two extreme viewpoints,Islam has opened out a moderate and rational route.

Maintenance of internal peace and 6.

West permits war for territorial conquests, expansion of trade and commerce,acquisition of wealth and power,colonization, plunder and pillage and fulfilment of other bestial wants. Overview al jihad fil islam the contents: Protecting the path of truth 3. For this purpose, Islam simultaneously promulgate the inviolability of al jihad fil islam life as well as al jihad fil islam law of equal retribution because the imposition of law of equal retribution is not the imposition of death rather it restores life to the society by removing the malignant tumour from it and if law of equal retribution isn’t imposed along with promulgation of inviolability of life ;it will result in the choas and anarchy intead of peace and repose.

It is entirely dependent gil the consent of the States with regard to its principles and branches and its foundation has been laid down on the mutual agreement of the belligerents.

These views were propagated to a large extent that a person like Mahatma Gandhi got so overwhelmed by this propaganda and he expressed his view that: Then, Maulana discusses two types of wars i.

Human life will be inviolable as long as it has not al jihad fil islam made violable by the way of justice and law because the real requirement is to establish peace and order in the world and annihilation of persecution and anarchy.

After this Maulana put forth the real status of Reformative war and says that in order to obliterate mischief and persecution from the world Reformative war is waged.