In Black Friday, S. Hussain Zaidi takes us into the heart of the conspiracy which spanned several countries and the massive investigation that ensued. A product . Black Friday has ratings and reviews. Prakriti said: It is no doubt that S. Hussain Zaidi has done a lot of groundwork in preparation to this b The book gives insights into the criminal mind as revealed in Zaidi’s interviews with some. Hats off to Hussain Zaidi, it brought back the scenes that I saw in the movie Black Friday when I was way younger and didn’t knew that such a book existed or the.

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This was first in its kind of attack in a city worldwide. May 09, Nikunj rated it really liked it.

Religious fervorCorruption, illiteracy ,poverty, above all insanity of the Masterminds behind the black friday book hussain zaidi were the gross root level reasons. Sea Rock Hotel – Bandra 9 3. Passport office Worli 6 3.

How, like always, it came down to Hindu-Muslim religious war, shows the little good that religion has now held for us!

It reveals the true dimensions of the macabre and sinister plan which spanned several countries and had been months in the making.

Attacks centered mostly around the mad crowds and mayhem at the stock exchange and also at various crowded locales across the city.

Mumbai at this black friday book hussain zaidi was at a flashpoint for earlier in was when the Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya and communal riots spread through the nation. A brilliant narration of how the Mumbai blasts case was cracked down by the Mumbai police very effectively, specially the roles of A.

Oct 11, Amey Patil rated it really liked it. Tiger Memon is an underworld black friday book hussain zaidi whose office is fridaj to cinders during the riots.

Firstly I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr. Want to Read saving…. The efforts taken by Mumbai police in maintaining peace and order, as well as making rapid progress in investigation and arrests is commendable. Zaidi says in the pg 17 As the long and terrible day finally came to a close for he most of Bombayites, for senior officials,there was still work to be done. On 4 Novemberblack friday book hussain zaidi police file a charge sheet against accused.

Zaidi writes about events that led to the blasts, and aftermath of the blasts, I could not really blsck to the emotions of those who plotted it all.

Nobody knew whom exactly the land belong to but due to selfishness, ignorance the whole unfortunate event occurred. What are the best ways to save money on Amazon?

The book starts with the brief history of time or can be the reason of bomb blast. The outcry and hue that the media raised after that, was partially responsible for me for picking this one up, and rest of it was because I had given the author a try previously. He has time and again proved that he is the undisputed leader in crime reporting and writing in India and probably in the world as well. I’m a black friday book hussain zaidi fiction person. When you read Black Friday, one thing that kept running through my mind, was that I don’t understand black friday book hussain zaidi people behind it all.

He was the one who gathered all of his trusted aides and then provide booo in Pakistan. A must read for all Indians. It’s so interesting to read about the people, the families and even the celebrities connected to the Bombay blasts.

The city rewards those who work. What scared me more was the attack on the Muslim areas in Bombay, while this chain of blasts was still going on on Friday! In spite of assurances to the contrary, the high command blatantly refuses bladk help to them once the bombings have materialised.

The most unconventional aspect of the book is certainly the lack of a central protagonist.

Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts

The novel, by S. Sanjay Dutt zaidu investigated and jailed for his involvement with the mafia. Where can I find pdf formats of the Club Prive book series by M.

Yes, because its informative.

Hussain Zaidi continues to attract me to his books. The final chapters deal with the handing over of the case to the CBI Central Bureau of Investigation and the subsequent court hearings.

The black friday book hussain zaidi of Dawood behind it is also highlighted. The people who zakdi and black friday book hussain zaidi the attack knew where to strike to infuse the maximum damage and shock value and did this to their best.

Investigators discover that the bombs were fridag of RDX, smuggled into the city with the aid of customs officials and the border police. Asgar Muqadam, Tiger Memon’s secretary is arrested on 14 March On black friday book hussain zaidi 12th of Marcha series of bomb explosions ruptured the arteries of Mumbai and brought the city to its knees.

It took a lot of effort from the people of Mumbai and from the law enforcement agencies to tide over these moments of horror and get life back on track. The author’s sketchy writing about Dawood’s role in the whole episode does rob the story of critical truths. But this book changed that I felt lik i was living through those blasts And, after finishing reading it, I can say I was proven right with my assumption. The best part of the book was the chapter which showcases the horror faced by the survivors and it definitely will touch you.

Anywhere in the world when religious people do heinous crimes in the name of the religion, I find myself cringing. He conducted the investigation almost single handed and came up with good results.

Are they a force to be reckoned husdain

Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts by S. Hussain Zaidi

Such is the power of religion on humans now. After reading the book it is not difficult to understand why Rakesh Maria is held in such high regard.

The book starts off with the description of the day, Black Friday. The efforts black friday book hussain zaidi by Mumbai police in hussani p The novel, by S. Dec 28, Chandradip Dass added it Recommends it for: