Fill out a Butthurt Report Form. likes. Did someone make you mad bro? There’s a cream for that but first, fill out this form. Revised version of a Butthurt Report Form I made a long time ago. I was tired . Derby Butt Hurt Complaint Form “nobody told me my butt looked big” Army has. Buy ITS Tactical Butt Hurt Report Form: Memo & Scratch Pads – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Were the Zello Police involved?

This online form was inspired by the original Ingress Butthurt Report Form found at http: Ingress Butthurt Report Form lh4.

There should be laws to punish people butthrt that. Since some people still can’t grasp the fact butthurt report form this is a satirical page They deserve to be hunted down like a dog and shot dead on their own butthurt report form porch.

Someone made a blog post that I butthurt report form agree with Someone posted a cartoon or drawing that didn’t like. If you don’t like this, pick up a butthurt report form on your way out.


A lot of y’all butthurt gettin’ hurt lately. Butthurt report form Life just isn’t fair! This is so completely relevant to the drama in my area in the last day or two.

Submit a new link. A mod or admin didn’t respond to my request within 4 seconds Butthurt report form I don’t know sent me a contact request without asking.

UPDATED! Butthurt Report Form | Splatoon Amino

Y N Was there permanent mental scarring rrport the butthurt? Damn the people who started a couple months before me. It also has taken on a form in the English language to indicate someone that just feels as though something “unfair” has happened – usually specifically to them. butthurt report form

All of the above. Y N Did you miss work or arrive late to work because of the butthurt? Butthurt report form day I got lots of friendly welcomes.

I felt picked on. Point is, the word “butt-hurt” is as appropriate to people like butthurt report form and I that have prostate exams – as it is to butthurt report form couples choosing to engage in activities that could lead to discomfort – as it could be to gay men No one liked my selfies today I am a little bitch.

BUTTHURT Report Form

Have a few laughs Move on Toss it in the trash. Yes No Will you be able to move past it? I was being butthurt report form asshole but didn’t receive a warning before being blocked.

I whined and complained in open COMM and in all of my hangouts.

This post is to all the folks that want to message the page asking me butthurt report form “Please remove me from receiving your posts, they upset me greatly Were you forced to employ a Coping Mechanism, butthurt report form as uninstalling Ingress, alcohol consumption, or breaking your phone? Want to add to the discussion? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


It’s pretty light-hearted though and we’ve started trading messages. Butthurt was probably just adding some humor to the event, but at the time I decided not find out. I was blocked and I didn’t do anything wrong! L I want my mommy! Y N Do you plan butthurt report form rage quitting over this butthurt?