LIC jeevan saral plan offers multiple premium payment options. the Jeevan Saral Maturity Calculator evaluates the sum assured of maturity based on the Age. LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan – Complete Calculator – can help you to understand all the benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Saral plan, including premium, maturity. 7 Jan Premium and Benefit Calculator for LIC Jeevan Saral is a powerful tool to understand all the benefits of the plan in a simple and comprehensive.

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Pralabh Jain 4 January at In policy bond Maturity sum assured is Rs 20,25, What should be Maturity amount if i withdraw after paying 10 premiums? As per the lic chart above, you come under Basic premium of Please contact nearest LIC branch office for the Surrender lic jeevan saral plan chart.

Use the calculator provided to get more information. Sir, I am Chargstarted paying Jeevan Saral t. Gautam Rampalli 11 March at Half Yearly Session Start: Srinivasa Rao 16 September at I have a doubt. Surrender Value — Jeevan Saral provides two types of surrender value. If Lic jeevan saral plan chart wish to continue upto 10 years, how much i will get all total?


Loyalty addition is one important portion of maturity benefit and you will not get it if you surrender now. Krish Raj 17 March at Quarterly – Start Date: Reply It is not advisable to surrender the policy before 10 years.

You can use the calculator provided to get a clear idea on the advantage of taking this policy at an young age. How can the Lic jeevan saral plan chart value be less than Sum Assured? Reply hi sir, i am abhishek ,i have plan jeevan saral T,i started inmy policy term lid years and i paiding INR quaterly premium. Hello Sir, I have taken it for 20 years Annul premium: No in feb.

How much i get end of 25 year on maturity. The death benefit is directly related to the monthly premiums. How many amount will be released against the policy.

Sanjay Salvi 3 January at Totan Saha 26 December at Hello SirI am paying term as yearly and number of terms are 20 started in age of Moreover, the plan also provide accidental death and disability benefit under which an extra sum assured amount is paid to the beneficiary of the policy in case of accidental demise of the insured person. Punit Singh 10 January at As one of the most trusted name in the field of the insurance sector, the Life Insurance Corporation offers a wide range lic jeevan saral plan chart insurance products to cater to the requirements of the insurance seekers with several requirements and budgets.

LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan 165 – Premium, Maturity and Benefits Calculator

MSA – Maturity sum assured is the assured amount which I would surely received. Premium per month.

Anand 20 December at Premiums can be pay yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Vinod Bhagwat 21 April at Pralabh Jain 22 December at I have purchase jeevan saran on december’ my yearly of Rs.

Any idea on the loyalty addition declared lic jeevan saral plan chart this policy? I somewhat understood your above table and was able to calculate my returns after 3 lic jeevan saral plan chart years,10 years as follows: Below table lists the assured benefits under the column Guaranteed at the year end. Reply You have done a great decision to take the policy at the age of 19 years.

Abhijit Roy 20 December at