Powerful, affordable, and compact, the PCS-XG80 delivers. i HD video quality to make your daily communication more effective, productive and comfortable. SONY PCS-XG (i high-definition videoconferencing system) It incorporates several functions and features of the company’s PCS-HG90 system. Sony PCS-XG80 – video conferencing kit overview and full product specs on CNET.

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The menu is semi-transparent and very well structured, seldom used menu items are faded out and can be activated when needed. It is however necessary to consult the manual pcs xg80 as to be informed about unlabeled functions.


This box was also used with the older video conference pcz of the PCS series. The configuration may be carried out quickly and without any difficulties.

Sony heads for Full-HD with the i mode and a progressive resolution of x, however with pcs xg80 acceptance of downward compatibility decrease.

In most pxs, the tests pcs xg80 various other remote stations featured very high video and audio quality. A help text fades in each time it is relevant.

Even stereotone could be transmitted. The design of all components is very compact and very pcs xg80 aligned. It enables video conferences in HD up to i with 60 fps.

SONY PCS-XG80 – Video Conferencing – DEKOM

The software can be used intuitively and is very user-friendly. Comfortable operation of the device via the remote control is possible since the remote control’s haptics is pcs xg80.

The remote control always worked very well in both directions provided the technical pcd at pcs xg80 remote station were present. The system sets new standard for the well-established “p ceonferences” since HD connection can be transmitted with 60 images per second in a resolution of x They are clearly labeled green label at the back side of the codecs.

The device does not accept any commands during this time. pcs xg80

Polycoms VSX could not display pcs xg80 H. All other test connections provided very high audio quality which was promoted by two microphones. Miscellaneous The design of all components is very compact and very well aligned. All calls with more than 2 Mbps led to erroneous behavior of the CISCO gatekeeper and xxg80, all connections were lost.

Scope of delivery The basic scope of delivery includes the codec, HD camera and remote control as well as two pcs xg80 microphones.

SONY PCS-XG80 : (1080i high-definition videoconferencing system)

The enclosed Quickstart manual supports the setup additionally. The entries necessary for basic pcs xg80 may be found quickly. The connection of an additional HD camera via a component signal at the codec front could not be carried out without difficulties with the available test devices. It was noticed that with the current software version 1. When the mode is changed to i, all layout settings and telephone directory entries need to be inserted again.

September 30, until Gx80 15, The basic scope of delivery includes the codec, HD camera and remote pcs xg80 as well as pcw table microphones. The operation during a video conference can be carried out intuitively as well, pcs xg80 required functions may be activated quickly with the remote control.

The Data Solution Box which is known from the predecessing pcs xg80 is not required any xh80, since this functionality was integrated into the codec and since the device features the respective links.

Sony PCS-XG80 – video conferencing kit Overview – CNET

The quality of the recordings pcs xg80 good. Video pcs xg80 in MP4 format can be recorded very well on the Memory Stick Pro by Sony, whereupon all recordings are converted in SD resolution with a maximum of kbps. It is recommended to wait for improval in other software versions. Each of the four colored buttons is assigned to context-sensitive functions or commands which are explained in the menu navigation. A xt80 pcs xg80 quality is the result. Pcs xg80 interface may therefore be operated in a kind of kiosk mode only brief command buttons and the telephone directory are accesible or with a display of different menu items.

The display of the data presentation in direction of reception was always carried out in very high quality regarding color exposition, readability and change time intervals.

This was onaly achieved between two XG devices in the tests. The pcs xg80 system supports the H.

Ps software version 2. This problem will however be solved with the next software release a beta release pcs xg80 the 2. The system Tandberg MXP had to be restricted in the applied bandwidth kbps or less pcs xg80 otherwise, the load was too high and disturbing image pcs xg80 were caused.

The main menu of the PCS-XG80 may be configurated individually to a great extent and is hence adaptable to various user demands. IP cameras can be connected to the network and the web interface offers live images in the web monitor. All future software updates are included in the purchase price in addition. September 30, until October 15, SW-Version