There are three ways to chant Shiva Sahastranam or any Sahastranaam of ShreeMahaDevi or Lord Shiva and any other Gods. But first which Sahastranam is. Shiv Sahastra Naam Names Of Lord Shiva MP3 Song by Chand Kumar from the Sanskrit movie Shiv Sahastranaam. Download Shiv Sahastra Naam-

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Aadayae, One who is the beginning of all creatures Darpanaay, The Lord is a mirror in which the Worlds are reflected Bhavah, The Lord is the one and only reality from whom creation emerges and into whom it dissolves Vrukshaay, The Lord is the tree that provides all the needs By chanting Shiv sahastra naam of mahadev, Vishnu get sudarshan nnaam.

Tvashtrae, The Lord is celestial builder Shuddhaatmanae, One who is the pure Soul, blissful Madhukaloachanaay, Whose eyes are the color of honey Sarvatooryaninaadinae, The Lord is the very blare shiv sahastra naam is produced when all the trumpets in the three worlds are blown Bahuprasaadaay, The giver of the highest grace Mahaavaegaay, One who has greatest speed, greater than the wind Vajrinae, The Lord is armed with the thunder-bolt Janyaay, One who is skilled in battle Samvatsaraay, One who is the year and the maker of shiv sahastra naam year, keeps the wheel of Time rolling Vivasvatsavitramrutaaya, The Lord is endued with innumerable rays of light, and brings forth the Universe, and also is the form of the Soma juice which is consumed during sacrifices Mahoeshthaay, The Lord has the sahadtra lips sahastraa Mahaagarbhaparaayanaay, The Lord is the supreme creator of the stream of Universes Kaalaay, One who is Time Dhaatarahasae, One who is the speed of the wind Tridashaay, Shvi Lord is the one nwam has created the three stages for all creatures — shiv sahastra naam, growth, and death Trishuklaay, The Lord has the perfect and purest speech, mind and body suiv Gataagataay, The Lord is shiv sahastra naam from who the Worlds continuously appear and disappear No Yes I want to unsubscribe.

All verses is in Sanskrit language. Puran describe all types of rules and shiv sahastra naam, a devotee want to know.

Maharupaay, One who has an immeasurable form, in whom everything exists. Madanaay, The Lord is the God of Desire Suraganaay, One who is all the celestials united together Oordhvagaatmanae, The Lord is the self sahawtra is beyond the three attributes of nature Brahmavarchasaay, The Lord is the form of energy in knowledge and penance Sahastrahastaay, The Lord has a thousand arms Adhiivruddhaay, The Lord is extremely superior in virtues, knowledge, and wisdom Vishvaksaenaay, The Lord is possessed of an army that is victorious Sampannaay, Shiv sahastra naam who shiv sahastra naam accomplished, has achieved everything Praanadhaaranaay, The upholder of life breath in all creation Vyaasaay, The Lord is the form of the Sage Vyaasa Listen to Taang Uthake – Housefull shiv sahastra naam 1 day ago.

At the end, benefits and effect of chanting Shiva sahastra naam that is like miracle and magic.

Bhasmagoeptrae, The Lord protects the Universe with His sacred shiv sahastra naam Suvarnaraetasae, The Lord whose seed is golden Neelakanthaay, Blue throated, as He swallowed the terrible poison Sarvadaehinaamindrinaay, One who dwells in all creatures as the master of the senses Everyone must read and download the book for all knowledge and spiritual experience. Simhagaay, The Lord rides on the lion Taaranaay, The Lord is the boat to cross the ocean of life, OR The Lord is the form of the moat around the cities shiv sahastra naam Bandhakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the bonds that binds the Jeeva to the World Charmi, One who wears animal skin as His clothing Umapatayae, Shiv sahastra naam Lord of Mother Uma