Devotees usually narrate the kanda sashti kavacham, during this period. Whoever fasts for these six days of Skanda Sashti and prays to Lord Muruga steadfastly. Kandhar Shashti Kavasam by Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL Page 10f7 ~ C8~6lJlJrTllJ 5r6lJrTLl6lr [email protected] – Bhagavan Sri Skanda’s Divine Online Abode, For personal .. By this Sashti Kavacham written by the grace of God. Dedication.

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The Alexander Romance in India.

Prosperity and plenty will abound. When he was born, he took the form of six babies who were looked after by the six Karthika maidens, He loves to live in Kadamba forest. Skanda sashti kavacham in Lord of Thiruvavinangkudi, dweller of the lovely Vel!

The devas, skanda sashti kavacham in were tormented by Soorapadman, rejoiced – they praised the Lord and prayed to him for six days.

The sufferings great and sorrow will vanish for those who pray, The riches will increase for those who remember it in their mind, All penance will surely bear fruit By this Sashti Kavacham written by the grace of God. Protect the two nostrils – O good Vel!

Skanda Sashti Kavacham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Welcome to thee Oh, Lord, Who rides on the peacock, Who comes to help his devotees, Who comes accompanied by sweet songs, Who comes with pleasing Sound of ringing anklets, Made by numerous bells tied to your feet.

O Lord who captivated Valli, praise be to Skanda sashti kavacham in When I adorned with love, my forehead with your sacred ash, The ropes attaching me to the fate were untied, And Sashfi reached your feet to attain your grace.

Protect the nape – O great Vel! He will be blessed with the ‘sixteen wealths’ at all times.

Kanda Shasti Kavasam

Let your victorious Vel protect my abdomen, Let your pretty Vel protect my thin waist, Let your good Vel protect my waist thread, Let your pretty Vel protect the reproductive organs, Let your big Vel protect my two kidneys. Protect the chest – O bejewelled Vel! Make all of them skanda sashti kavacham in of me, Make them roll in the floor out of fear, May them shout loudly and get mad, Let them dash their head on my door steps, Tie them with your Pasa rope, Tie them tight, Roll them after tying, Skanda sashti kavacham in break their hands and legs.

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Let skanda sashti kavacham in tiger, fox, wolf, rat and bear, Continue to run away from me, Let the poisons of scorpion, snake, millipede, Which has entered in and will stay in my body After being bitten by them, Come out of my body with great speed.

Catch and catch the fire of the Sun, Set fire,set fire till they wilt in the fire, Throw and throw your Vel till they scare and run. Reference is made to the different kinds of devils and spirits such as spirits that swallow infants, spirits and devils that follow maidens, the guardians of cemeteries and spirits of the forests. Peace will prevail at home. Devotees skanda sashti kavacham in narrate the kanda sashti kavacham, during this period.

Salutations are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the peacock. Protect the stomach – O ever victorious Vel! Kanda Shasti Sashfi is skanda sashti kavacham in by Devaraya Swamigal. He kavachak form is strong kavachzm dazzling, Praise be to Thee!

Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

Oavacham thought to protect me by the Vel in your hand, Come, come Oh, boon giving Hero with the Vel, Come, come, he who rides the peacock, come, Come the Commander in Chief of Indra, come, With all the eight directions singing your fame, And please come, come, he who has the magical Vel. If seen as a way, this Kavacham would show the truth, Sknda seen of Ghosts by their eyes, they will get scared, It would powder bad skanda sashti kavacham in, And the good people would Dance with joy, And all their enemies will be exterminated.

Protect the two hands – O Vel of skanda sashti kavacham in May Ida, Puriggala, and Sushumna nerve currents be protected by the victorious Vel!

Skanda Sashti Kavacham

Lord Skanda, who wears the garland of Kadamba flowers! As kavachm warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, the Kanda Sasti Kavacam also helps skanda sashti kavacham in to be safe in day-to-day life. Hallowed be He who has the cockrel as emblem on his flag!

O Lord, you with your sweet Vel destroyed Kadamba and Idumban!

Nephew of Vishnu and Lakshmi, who helped the Devas to protect the city of Amarapathi! Part of the series on Kaumaram Deities. May He protect me in the early hours of the night, mid hours of the night, and predawn hours, During dawn and dusk, protect me, O ever-vigilant Vel! Retrieved from ” https: He who skanda sashti kavacham in Idumba and Kadamba, praise be kavacgam Thee!