Demons in the sense that we are using the word are not ghosts, goblins, or minions of Satan. When Machig Labdrön was directly asked by her son Tönyon. Feeding Your Demons®: Level I (FYD I) is the first course in our FYD Online Training Series. In this course, Lama Tsultrim Allione (the developer of Feeding. The process has been developed and carefully designed by LamaTsultrim Allione, author of ‘Women of Wisdom’ and ‘Feeding Your Demons’. The five steps of.

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What I really need is….

I’ve used Allione’s 5-step technique to help work on my own demons and am seeing benefits. When you see the ally, notice all the details of the ally: It is hard to gauge the effectiveness of this book, as I just finished it yesterday, and have not had the chance to test out the strategies outlined.

Jun alliond, Patrick rated it liked it. I occasionally found them off-puttingly new-agey, in that they make claims to magical effects without just going out and saying yeah, magic is happening. Feb 23, JMc rated it it was amazing. I may or may not look into walking through the 5 steps of demon-feeding.

Then a conversation with the demon occurs, followed by an imaginary literal “feeding” of the demon by offering it one’s body as food by imagining the body dissolving into healing nectar. Apr 12, Kevin Orth rated it it was amazing. Each demon — illness, fear, addiction, abuse, etc.

But remember they need regular feeding -once is not A great Tibetan way of confronting your monsters, changing that relationship to emapathy feedinv examine what your monster is so upset about and feed it that.

How to Feed Your Demons

Videos About This Book. Pause until discursive thoughts begin again, then gradually come back to your body. I am also interested in Carl Gustav Jung and the Jungian psychological community. Anyway, that’s why it’s four stars and not five. If it is not, or if there is no being present after feeding the demon to complete satisfaction, invite the ally to appear. Really fantastic adaptation of a somewhat obscure practice. This is not a book I’d recommend to someone who doesn’t have a solid grounding in some kind of practice, either Buddhist or with a therapist or as a therapist.

Also filled with stories and anecdotes, which make it very readable.

Aug 25, Jody rated it did not like it. I found the beginning, with Allione’s personal account of what led her to Chod, much more interesting and informative. This is perhaps my favorite book on the subject of emotional and physical healing.

Lama Tsultrim has woven the essence of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist ritual into a format tzultrim can be used in the west, by therapists or as a self-healing practice.

Even though this is a fascinating and potentially effective for some people approach to therapy, I stopped reading this book after Chapter 4 because it didn’t seem applicable to populations that I might work with. Switch places, keeping your eyes closed as much as possible. Notice the color of the nectar. This method is an exact replica of NLP neuro-linguistic programming methods.

What’s here is an outlining of the basic technique–a sort of self-analysis in a Jungian vein, mixed with a sort of meditative role-play. I will say that this is a novel approach towards facing the ills within. This same grandmother, Frances R. I prefer you just claim the miracles, when you’re basing your practice on dmeons as outrageous as feeding a magical simulacra of your body to demons, but hey, not everyone comes to Buddhism from ceremonial magic.

Her grandmother was the fifth women in history to receive a PhD. Great read and reference! While browsing at the public library the title of this book caught my eye.

It’s a wonderful practice, suitable for people with no meditation practice at all – no kidding! There are summaries sections, case studi Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches you an ancient tibetan buddhism feedkng revisited for western people. Just, if you read it, do so with a grain of salt. Ultimately doesn’t is always come down to love,forgiveness, kindness, and an input that is greater that the crap you’ve been feeding your monsters – food, material possessions, t.

Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict by Tsultrim Allione

Dec 08, Kaitlyn rated it liked it. In the first part of the book, we are given a sultrim Allione was one of the first Western women to ever be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. May 24, Vicky rated it really liked it Shelves: Her writing style is very candid and honest, both about her own life and about the people she’s helped while of course preserving privacy. Claim your miracles and let me believe or not. Then dissolve your own body into nectar. Feeding our demons rather than fighting them contradicts the conventional approach of fighting against whatever assails us.

She was a recipient of the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award. While examples are an excellent way to share a teaching and show how it can be applied in real life, the examples in this book really should have a content notification allionne they deal with some pretty traumatic stuff.

If you are open-minded the book is not a strict sort of dogma, people from any faith can use this Buddhist techniqueyou may want to pick this up and see if your demons end up as your allies. You have an infinite supply of nectar. Get even more Buddhist wisdom delivered straight to your inbox! But if we feed them, nurture them, we can free ourselves from the battle. We find ourselves ever more polarized, inwardly and outwardly. Because of this, I’m tsultrrim everyone I know to read it, use it, and watch this process improve their lives.